Galvatruss Pro : Penawaran Baja Ringan terbaik hari ini

 Berikut harga list terbaru =

Galvatruss pro






GP-reng super 0.35=37.500

GP-reng super 0.40=41.000

GP-reng super 0.45=44.000


C60 91.000

C65 95.500

C70 102.000

C75 107.000

C75(SNI) 110.000

C100 151.000

C100(SNI) 154.000

Reng super 0.35 38.500

Reng Super 0.40 42.000

Reng Super 0.45 45.000

Reng Super 0.45(SNI) 46.000

Reng Ultra 0.45 49.000

Reng Ultra 0.45(SNI) 50.000

**Atap Spandek lebar Eff.1mtr**

Tebal 0.25mm 60.500/mtr'(az70)

Tebal 0.30mm 71.000/mtr'(az70)

Tebal 0.30mm 73.500/mtr'(az100)

Tebal 0.35mm 84.000/mtr'(az100)

Tebal 0.40mm 91.000/mtr'(az100)

Tebal 0.45mm 99.500/mtr'(az100)

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